How to create your VogueChallenge

why look at the stars when you can be a star

It is not uncommon that anything that’s cool and new trends on the social media and the internet, and so is this VogueChallenge since the launch.

But many people are still at loss on how to create their own VogueChallenge so here’s the how.

Do a film of yourself at home looking normal, either on your day-to-day outfit or looking super comfy – considering the fact that many of us are working from home.

Then, either use existing photos or take new ones looking fabulous.

Edit these photos with text, including the Vogue logo to make the photo look like a fresh cover of Vogue magazine.

Using TikTok’s editing software you can transition from the home footage to the Vogue cover.

If you type ‘Vogue cover template’ into Google images, you should find a huge variety of templates which look like the front cover of Vogue.

Save one and use an editing app or software on a smartphone or computer to edit your own photo and the template together.

You can use a website such as PHO.TO, where all you have to do is go to the website, upload your own photo and the cover will be created for you.

If you want to make it look more professional, you can put your photo editing skills to the test and use professional software like Photoshop to put the logo and text separately onto your image.

When you’re satisfied with your editing, post the photo using the hashtag #voguecoverchallenge.

we’ve pulled up some cool voguechallenge photos