DAPPER Zack Pinsent, 25-year Designer always in 200-year old fashion

Zack claims he feels more comfortable in the tight get-ups

After all it’s not just Regency I do, also the whole 19th and 18th Century.

DAPPER Zack Pinsent on Instagram

Jack since 10 years ago had chosen to be a “dandy man” and has decided to stay that way.

He is known to sport a top hat and cane when shopping in Brighton
Credit: SWNS:South West News Service

“It’s hard for men to show exuberance. But I love what I do and do it for my enjoyment.” says the 25-year designer.

Zack’s typical daywear is a knee-high riding boots, waistcoat, jacket and tails.

Zack often sports a top hat and cane to shops. But he does admit owning a pair of M&S pants. At 14 his family found his great-grandfather’s old suits while moving home.

To Zack’s glee they fitted. He said: “I decided to burn my only jeans on a bonfire. It was a real turning point.

“On non-school uniform days I would dress in three-piece suits.

“When I got to sixth form I’d dress in historical clothing every day. I was surprised to be voted best dressed in the leavers’ book.”

Zack, from West Sussex, designs and sews his outfits. Some take a year to perfect.

Jack is into the business of making & Selling Bespoke Historical clothing from 1666-1920s.