Shanetta Dorsey, Aspiring Fashion Designer

Where are you from?
Cleveland. I’ve been here a month and a half.
What brought you to New York?
I’m working freelance for a corporate knitwear line, measuring samples and things.
Why here?
This is the place for my industry; I can’t get my career started in Cleveland.
Would you ever move back there?
Maybe when I’m like 40. I want a willow tree and a magnolia tree in my yard. I want peace.
What do you do when you’re not working?
I’m kind of corny—I just go to museums.
Do you have a favorite?
I love MoMA, and I went to the Met. But there’s a really cool museum in Cleveland called the Museum of Contemporary Art. It’s impressive for such a small state.
It sounds like you miss Cleveland a little bit.
Does it? I think I do. Yeah … I do miss home.
What do you miss?
I miss my friends, my family, driving around. I can’t believe I’m homesick, because I hated it when I was there. I was always longing for New York.