Meghan’s Coat of Arms Unveiled

  • The Coat of Arms designed for the new Duchess of Sussex has been revealed.

  • Kensington Palace announcement also featured Duchess’s new cypher

The Coat of Arms created for Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex has been revealed.

It was reported that Her Royal Highness worked closely with the College of Arms throughout the process of designing the Coat of Arms, which was meant to reveal her american roots.

The crest is far more detailed than Duchess of Cambridge’s, who received her Coat of Arms in 2011 featuring three acorns on a simple shield.
The blue background of the shield represents the Pacific Ocean off the California coast, while the two golden rays across the shield represents the symbolic sunshine of the Duchess’s home state. Three quills represents communication and the power of words.

Traditionally, the Coat of Arms are bestowed upon royal bridees in the run up to their wedding (as was seen with the Duchess of Cambridge in 2011), however Meghan’s was much later.
Prince Charles got his Coat of Arms at age 13 while the Queen is represented by the Royal Coat of Arms.
Prince William and Prince Harry got theirs on their 18th birthdays respectively.
The Duchess of Cornwall received hers in July 2005 for her 58th birthday.

The design was accepted and approved by Her Majesty The Queen and Thomas Woodcock, Thomas Woodcock is the Gar King of Arms and Senior Herald in England and is based at the College of Arms in London.

The announcement of the coat of arms revealed by Kensington Palace also bore what is understood to be Meghan’s new cypher, or letterhead, featuring the letter ‘M’ with a crown on top.