Rukky Imalele ,Nigerian born model and 2nd runner up of Elite Model look Nigeria  is looking awesome in this Maki Oh awesome 2013 collection. Rukky  has just recently signed with  ISIS MODELS .I leave you with images of Rukky and the world class collection.

Amaka Osakwe is the Creative Director of Maki Oh, a womenswear label conceived in 2010 to initiate a continuous appreciation for ‘self’ and individuality through fashion.

Designer, Amaka Osakwe studied at the Arts University College at Bournemouth where she obtained a BA (Hons) in Fashion Studies. Her passion for couture and culture inspires her artisanal collections as she believes cultural heritage must be kept alive. Sustainability and ethical practices are also principles she strongly embraces. Her label Maki Oh is based in Nigeria and remains one of the few Nigerian-based brands that are globally acknowledged.

2010 “Everything in Proportion” Collection
The Maki Oh line debuted in 2012 with a collection titled “Everything in Proportion”, which showcased artistically crafted traditional motifs immersed with contemporary elements.
2012 Spring/Summer Collection
The spectacular and distinguishing element of this brand is how the Creative Director, Maki Oh raises the extraordinary from the ordinary making use of local African fabrics including Adire. Maki Oh’s pieces are beautifully tailored, feminine, and elegant yet idiosyncratically modern. She knows how to make unexpected juxtapositions convincing.

2012 Arise Magazine Fashion Week

The 26-year-old Nigerian designer hand-dyes all her fabrics using a time-consuming technique, which uses indigo leaves instead of industrial dye. Some of the label’s famous clients include American singer and DJ Solange Knowles, actress Leelee Sobieski and Nigerian TV presenter Eku Edewor.
2013 Spring/Summer Collection
She was named Designer of the Year by African fashion magazine ARISE, and as part of her award she’ll be showing her soft silhouettes and African-inspired prints at New York Fashion Week. She has also hooked up with an artsy New York City stockiest, Maryam Nassir Zad 
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