Let’s start by letting you know that CLAN got a standing ovation!
The new collection by CLAN will breathtaking….
If their début collection was for the teens, this one was for the sexy young-ladies which is interesting considering that the designers are good…
The bold shoulder black dress played a starring role in one of their collections beautiful.I LOVE THIS..

This collection is a direct response to the rapid globalization around us. There is a rich heritage of culture and tradition in Nigeria that is inextricably linked to fashion. Our country today is transitioning into an unexpected hub of commercial and corporate activity and as a result Nigeria is now capable of refining its natural resources and transforming them into world-class products by virtue of a growing skilled and creative workforce. This collection will physically project our socio-economic growth as well as uphold Africa’s rich and opulent culture as a whole.

In conception, we were inspired by the minimalist culture that is currently trending. Minimalism is described as any design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect. Da Vinci famously said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Selfridge’s, one of the biggest department stores in the fashion capital of London has embraced this movement by implementing a de-branding project that they have aptly termed “No Noise”. Under this initiative, the Selfridge’s logo will be removed from its iconic yellow bags but will still retain the prestige and heritage associated with this very popular department store. They all celebrate the beauty of a minimalist aesthetic and focus on a product’s quality and function rather than its packaging or advertised image. The quote “less is always more” thus means more right now than it ever has.

Designing from the zesty city of Lagos, we are surrounded by constant activity and change. Lagos has recently been adorned with new glass high-rise buildings and sophisticated structures such as our first ever suspension bridge that was erected late last year. We have in this light, drawn inspiration from these simple structures which feature clean lines, basic shapes and natural textures and colours but are nevertheless striking and picturesque. By eliminating all non-essential forms, features and concepts, this collection will show that fewer elements can be used to create a maximum effect.