Bermuda Cruise

You will need some beach time in Bermuda. There are so many things to do at the beach i.e. snorkeling, water sports, swimming etc. Try Tobacco Bay and Horseshoe Bay, they are suitable for family visits. Some of the beaches are private i.e. Chaplin Bay, Elbow beach, and Church Bay.

3. Sea Glass
If you want to pass time doing something for fun, head straight to the Alexander battery beach to collect lots of sea glass.

Other things to do and places to visit include;
• Visit the Art Center and the city hall.
• Queen Elizabeth park.
• Take a sunset cruise to Gosling’s ‘rumologist’.If you really want to experience Bermuda in a special way and enjoy what it has to offer, then cruising there is the way to go. Not only is it fun, it is also affordable. Most cruise lines that operate through the coast of Bermuda have at least one ship that sails there every summer (Mid May-August). In this Bermuda cruising guide, we will discuss more concerning the different destinations you can visit as well as the excursions you can undertake while there. Enjoy exploring the pink-sand paradise!