Worst Dressed Celebs at 2012 Grammy Awards

“The Grammy Awards is always known for its outrageous fashion and Sunday night’s red carpet was no exception. From Nicki Minaj‘s red religious garbs to Fergie‘s see-through style, it seems celebs wait for the Grammys to show off their sexiest and strangest getups.”

(1) For someone that critiques fashion, we’re not feeling Kelly Osbourne’s look at the Awards. That hair has got to go!

(2) Fergie is wearing a dress that you either “love or hate.” We chose the later.

(3) Nicki Minaj took a cue from Lady Gaga and went for a shocking, unflattering fashion. However, her makeup was on point.

(4) Sasha Gradiva took the opportunity to make herself known at the 2012 Grammy Awards by wearing a bunch of guns. Though we appreciate fashion risks, this was a little too dangerous for our taste.

(5) Once again Taylor Swift went for a gold dress and we’re not too fond of the cut. Also, it looks really heavy.

(6) Combat boots and a mullet dress! We love Robyn’s music but this style is a HUGE nay!

.Kelly Osbourne
.Nicki Minaj
.Sasha Gradiva
.Taylor Swift