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ajon399.JPG (26892 bytes)Party quick fixes
Last minute party plans? These speedy glam ideas will get you out the door fast.

Dress, left, from Anand Jon. Photo copyright 2000 Cynthia Nellis.
Gilty Pleasures
Gold is making a huge comeback in fashion, after years of silver as the status color. Find out how to wear this warm, showy color and what where else you will see the color showing up.

Dressing for special occasions
Everything you need to know about getting dressed up, including definitions for terms like “Black Tie,” and “Cocktail Attire,” lots of info on tuxes and more.

How to wear embellishment without looking overdone
If dressing to excess isn’t your thing, try these simple tips to glitz up your wardrobe.

60 great dresses
Straight from the runway, these 60 designer dresses will inspire you for prom, holiday parties, weddings and other special occasions when you want to get dolled up.

How to shop like a fashionista
The secret finding trendy e-tail boutiques, from California to London — here’s where to start shopping.

Little black dress transcends fashion
You can’t possibly be ready for holiday style without a standby little black dress. Find out more.

More is more for Fall/Winter 2000
Luxe fabrics, gold, fur. It’s all about extravagence this season.

Celeb style inspiration: The OscarsThe Emmys

Takeanother look at the looks that really influence the course of fashion right now.