The most prestigious Hardley Apartments located in the heart of Lagos and at the Centre of the highbrow Victoria Island, is indeed a wonder to behold. One could question its competency from a distance or at first sight, but believe me the container is never sweeter than its contents.

The HARDLEY APARTMENTS owned by the duo KANU NWANKWO (Nigeria’s no.1 intl. soccer star) and Mr. GAM (a one-time banker and business tycoon) is for real an epitome of glamour and style. One would ask me why I am talking so much about this marvelous place and I would gladly reply, WHY WONT I, Eh! Answer me, Y not? These guys have decided to become an Official sponsor of the Nigeria’s Next Super Model (NNSM) 2011 giving out 10, I mean TEN ROOMS for 12 days to NNSM 2011 models and international Judges, like that is not just enough, they gave their all magnificent, most comfortable, purely adorable and emm! What else, please think of what’s good and add to it, a pent house, yea! A PENT HOUSE for three nights goes out to the NNSM 2011 Winner, and guess what, all at no cost, yes for free.

All NNSM 2011 contestants are therefore advised to fasten their seat belts, buckle their shoes and pack their baggage because camp opens on the 8th of November, 2011 all the way to the 20th of same month. Get ready for what’s coming to you, it’s going to be fun fun fun all the way.

I say so.