The Garment, and other wears that won Hokonui Fashion Awards

We’ve always seen fashion runways with amazing collections, decent, corporate, elegant, and any name that can depict a well tailored dress. But how about weird, creativity and mind-blowing creations from creative designers? Yes, that’s where we got Hokonui Fashion Awards.

Here’s the combination of garment that won the Award of Excellence at the MLT Hokonui Fashion Awards 2019: A pair of gold Crocs, cream trousers, a multiple colored jacket and a gold top hat in Gore two nights ago.

Other designs that won the menswear award came from Donna Dinsdale of Tauranga.

The garment that won the Award of Excellence overall winning entry by Marike Uys, of Christchurch, which also won the Avant Garde section at the 2017 Hokonui Fashion Design Awards in Gore.
Wuhan Polytechnic, in southeast China, entered several collections in association with the Southern Institute of Technology, including this open Collection winner, “My City”. Photo: Richard Davison

2019 winners List

School Section:​


School Natural Fibres Award

Winner – Gemma Sims, St Matthew’s Collegiate, Masterton

Runner Up – Lucy Girvan, St Hilda’s Collegiate, Dunedin

Highly Commended – Tarryn Hutchins, Gore High School​

School Streetwear Award

Winner – Chanel Morey, St Peter’s School, Cambridge

Runner Up – Anna Harcus, St Hilda’s Collegiate, Dunedin

Highly Commended – Ruby Kyle, St Matthew’s Collegiate, Masterton

Macca lodge
School RECYCLED Award

Winner – Abby Clayton, Bayfield High School, Dunedin

Runner Up – George Park, Bayfield High School, Dunedin 

Highly Commended – Jess Long, St Matthew’s Collegiate, Masterton​

Regional Ford 
School Nightlife Award

Winner – Amelia Parker, St Matthew’s Collegiate, Masterton

Runner Up – Jade Harrison, Wellington Girls College

Highly Commended – Sophie Whyte, St Matthew’s Collegiate, Masterton

School Merit Awards

Luke Stonehouse (Streetwear)

Summer Phillipes ( Streetwear)

Mikaela Yung (Recycled)

Neishyn Marsters (Natural Fibres)

Amelia Brash (Natural Fibres)

Kate Smaill (Nightlife)

School award of Excellence

Winner – Abby Clayton, Bayfield High School, Dunedin​

Special awards:​

The fabric store

best use of fabric Award

Winner – Emma Cook​

The Merino STory

best use of Wool Award

Winner – Ethan Blair Allchurch-Rush ​

Girl NExt Door Fashion

Garment with the most
commercial potential Award

Winner – Courtney Cansdale​

Gore District Council

auaha Award

Winner – Visesio Louis Thomsen

Heather Paterson QSM Memorial Trophy – Best southland designer Award

Winner – Viv Tamblyn, Gore (Streetwear)

Southern Institute of technology Young Designer Award

Winner – Lucy Hill

Mataura Licensing Trust 

Award of Excellence

Winner – Donna Dinsdale, Tauranga (Menswear)​

Open Section:​​

Hokonui Heritage Precinct
Open Avante Garde Award

Winner – Rachel McNab, ARA Institute of Canterbury

Runner Up – Caren Mackay, Invercargill

Highly Commended – Alice Parsons, Bayfield High School, Dunedin​

Carvin Streetwear 
Open streetwear Award

Winner – Viv Tambly, Gore

Runner Up – Sandra Mulqueen, Milton

Highly Commended – Grace, Hughson, Massey University, Wellington​

NetSpeed Broadband
Open collections Award

Winner – My City Collaboration, Wuhan Polytechnic, China

Runner Up – Eden Ellmore, Dunedin

Highly Commended – Magnificent Collaboration, Wuhan Polytechnic, China​

Apparel Magazine 
Open Recycled Award

Winner – Debbie Smith, Gore

Runner Up – Jennie Hasler-Jacobs, Balclutha

Highly Commended – Emma Cook, Hagley School of Fashion, Christchurch​

Open Menswear Award

Winner – Donna Dinsdale, Tauranga

Runner Up – Courtney Cansdale, ARA Institute of Canterbury

Highly Commended – Tracey Smith, Southern Institute of Technology, Invercargill

Mitchell Mackersy Lawyers 
Open Natural Fibres Award

Winner – Helen Marshall, Invercargill

Runner Up – Mikayla Hammond, Whangarei

Highly Commended – Visesio Louis Thomsen, South Auckland​


Winner – Lucy Hill, Hagley School of Fashion, Christchurch

Runner Up – Jerahmie Padilla, Hagley School of Fashion, Christchurch

Highly Commended – Una Adams, Gore​

Open Merit Awards

Ethan Blair Allchurch-Rush, ARA Institute of Canterbury (Avant Garde)

Madison Freeman, Massey University, Wellington (Streetwear)

Natasha Senior, Burnside High School, Christchurh (Collections)

Eclipse Collaboration, Wuhan Polytechnic, China (Collections)

Viv Tamblyn, Gore (Natural Fibres)

Molly Pickavance, Hagley School of Fashion, Christchurch (Nightlife)

Vicki Taylor-Blair, Dunedin (Nightlife)

Tracey Marshall, Timaru (Recycled)

Katie Mangai, Dunedin (Recycled)​

An entry from Monica Toretto, of Invercargill, in the Collections section. of the 2017 awards show.