The Best Runway Photos from New York Fashion Week ss2020

From nature to crystals, New York Fashion Week SS2020 displayed a good dose of sustainable fashion, while purses and shoes were left on the shelves. Designers focused more on the kinds of toppers and takealongs that will leave some scratching their heads.

Kate Spade presented a “City Safari” show in Nolita’s Elizabeth Street Garden and stayed decidedly on theme. The models carted, cradled and cupped plants both in and out of the pot down the nature-made runway.

For Rebecca Minkoff, one model cradled her breastfeeding babe throughout the casual workwear presentation with fuchsia – and Medela – pumps at the ready.

Susan Alexandra’s Bat Mitzvah-themed gave purses a new perch, pink-permeated preview. Though hands were freed up for the DJ-spun Macarena, it made lipstick tricky to retrieve.

On the runway at AREA, 5 o’clock shadow got sparkly as models with crystal beards strut down the runway with nary a razor in sight. See photos here

At Collina Strada, the must-have accessory: totable tots and pups! Models carried their adorable little companions down the greenmarket-set catwalk.

Scott Studenberg of Baja East favored a creamy white palette for his latest collection, inspired by the color’s ability to, according to a post on his Instagram, reflect “negative energy away.”

Photo credit: Getty Images