The Art Of Rap

 QNS: What Is Hip Hop

Answer: Hip-Hop is the Art of Rap

Yes Yes Y’all The World finally gets to witness a Realistic tribute to the five elements of Hip Hop, MCing, DJing, B-Boy & B-girl, Graffiti, and most importantly The  Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding of the Cultures.   The movie premier ” Art of Rap” in New York City, Alice Tully Hall, Starr Theater, Lincoln Center,  Displayed Hip Hop Royalty from East Coast to West Coast,  Such Hip ā€“ Hop / R& B Iconic Legends graced the Red Carpet, Busta Rhymes, Crazy Legs( Rock Steady Crew),Michael K. Williams, Neo,  Ice-T, Cold Crush, Brothers, Grand Master Melle Mel, Rah Digga,  Raekwon(Wu-Tang Clan) Treach, GOD MC Rakim Allah, Chuck D, Fabulous, Lord Jamal(Brand Nubians) Chief Rocker Busy Bee and a host of others. Art of Rap Producer, Ice T. paints an accurate reality of this misunderstood art form. Ice T, with Various Hip ā€“ Hop Icons, I.Eā€¦ Grandmaster Caz, GM Melle Mel,  Busy Bee, Rakim Allah, MC Lyte,  NAS,  Salt( Salt and Pepper), Kanye West, Ice Cube, Crazy Legs, Immortal Technique, and Busta Rhymes,  The East  and West Coast take you into their world on what Hip Hop is and what is required to maintain the Culture for future generations of fans.
The Art of Rap is a required must  see in theatres now for anyone that is truly into HIP HOP.

Written by: Kenya Smith / Director of Photography / RunwayNews.comRed Carpet Photos