Software Giants in partnership to create Digital Fashion

There’s a possibility that Fashion as we know it has changed forever. The world is now seriously considering digital fashion more than ever. And with the recent partnership between Adobe Substance and Browzwear in terms of simplifying garment design and production pipeline, the level bar just raised.

Browzwear is a 3D digital garment sampling solution which replaces physical protorypes with digital copies while maintaining the garment accuracy and integrity in the final physical product. As a matter of fact, this solution is eliminating physical iterations for several U.S. and European brands manufacturing in the Far East who are really battling Covid-19 effects.

The Partnership

Avihay Feld, CPO and Co-CEO of Browzwear said: “It has to be the case that the final physical product is a twin of the digital one—that’s our lighthouse.” In terms of motivation for the partnership with Adobe, he said: “We’re making it as easy as possible to achieve (the physical twin) for designers and supply chain partners and our end goal is always the physical garment. We are not necessarily coming from gaming or movies. The intention is to change the workflow so that we create a physical final output that meets our client’s expectations.” Those clients include Adidas and PVH PVH , who—Feld says—have been asking for a way to visualise printed materials more realistically in their software for some time.

Typically, to achieve realistic digital print designs in 3D, separate software solutions that create lighting effects are used to apply real-world shadows that trick the eye into believing the digital product is ‘in real life,’ with accurate representation of surface depth, textures and shadows. However, these digital effects behind the ‘real-life’ visual are not accompanied by print production data, meaning that the visuals are just that—seen, but can’t be manufactured. This means that, in the traditional workflow, many physical print tests are then produced by the manufacturer, and sent back and forth to the designer for approval, to eventually replicate the look of the 3D digital design. Integrating Adobe Substance into Browzwear software has eliminated this process entirely, as it provides production-ready manufacturing data via a Tech pack straight to the manufacturer, enabling creation of a physical twin that matches the digital one—without compromise.

Digital Vs Physical Workflow

Feld explained that there are between 5 and 10 print effects most in demand in print factories across the industry today. These have been categorized into digital toolkits with many intricate editing functionalities to allows the designer to achieve the exact result they’re looking for, without any knowledge of graphic design or 3D mapping. Previously, a 3D designer with specialist these mapping and lighting skills would be required to execute the vision of the print designer, due to the skills gap. Browzwear’s partnership with Substance eliminates the need for this extra step. The result is the “true-to-life visualization” enables the entire apparel workflow to be optimized, making decisions over print execution that are an accurate representation of the physical end result, and that also fulfil the creative vision of the print designer.

source: forbes