Serena Williams rocks Kimono in a Nigerian Style

Serena Williams, one of the world’s best tennis star recently rocked a sleeveless Kimono jacket designed by a Nigerian designer, Jane Michael Ekanem. Reports from The News Agency of Nigeria revealed that the jacket was part of her fashion ensemble for the cover of Essence Magazine’s latest issue.

The designer, Jane Micheal Ekanem is a popular Nigerian fashion designer, who has styled Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage and other Nigerian celebrities.

Looking at Serena’s style, she paired the Kimono with a floor-length skirt, white shirt and strappy heels which happened to be one of her favorite designs.

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#SERENAWILLIAMS x #JANEMICHAEL x #LEANKID Shortly after I put this post up, my darling friend who is a genius and the best fashion illustrator in the world gave his time and put his signature on this incredible work of art. @leankid, I respect you and your craft so much and I can’t thank you enough for surprising me with this illustration. I am still in awe and I still feel ecstatic that @serenawilliams had my piece worn. Every time I think of how the Kimono made it to New York, I just realized how important it is to always put your best foot forward because you just never know where it will get to. My heart is full of gratitude and I am indeed grateful to the universe for connecting the dots seamlessly for me. Thanks again @laolunyc. Not only did you put your art on the lapel, you also are the bridge to making this happen. @serenawilliams for @essence #GlobalFashionMonth #JaneMichael #SerenaWilliams Read more in bio.

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According to Ekanem, the Kimono represents light and energy, which Serena is known for globally.

Serena commented in an interview with Essence Magazine…I love fashion, obviously. It has to connect to me, first of all. I like things that are unusual, but also a little classic. It depends: It could be a crazy pop of color, and it’ll totally get me excited. Or it could be something fresh I haven’t seen before. Honestly, I can go in any direction. Just depends on how I feel.

Freedom means standing up and not being afraid to say, ‘I’m here’ or ‘Hear my voice’ or ‘This isn’t what I agreed to’ or ‘This isn’t fair and that isn’t right.’ That’s freedom for me.

The kimono featured inked artwork on the lapels by Laolu Senbajo, another Nigerian designer, was also responsible for Serena’s face art on the magazine cover.

Laolu, who is a popular name in the international fashion scene, is also a renowned face artist.

He has worked with notable brands like Nike, Bvlgari, Beyoncé, and most recently a Grace Jones-inspired bodysuit for Hollywood actress, Taraji P. Henson.

In the cover feature interview, Serena spoke about her take on the fashion world following the launch of her own fashion line ‘Serena’ in 2018.

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About this same time 4 years ago, I posted a video of Serena Williams of how she said ‘I want other people to be like me’ when she was asked who she would like to be like. It’s not far fetched from mine as I always tell people I want to be a better version of myself. Today, at this same period, I have my piece worn by @serenawilliams, one of the most powerful and most accomplished women in the world wear my Kimono piece tailored and made here in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria in a global magazine, @essence, in a global fashion edition. No matter who you are and where you are, when your time is here, your universe will come for you. Keep at what you are doing. Do good relentlessly. I am just that young black girl who is trying to keep the dreams alive. And as @lupitanyongo would say ‘your dreams are still valid’. I have never doubted my journey even though sometimes I got angry and impatient. My life is a work in progress and I will trust the process. A huge thanks to @laolunyc for being the bridge. The art you put on the lapel made it even more attractive. The kimono was inspired from the #EnergyGod kimono made by @janemichaelcollection for @do2dtun during his photoshoot. The Kimono symbolizes energy and light. A big shout out to my team, @miss_kudy, @the_ayoolakehinde, @oluchi_i, @blvcknuel, @buchithestylist & @janemichaelcollection for standing by me through the most trying times. Read more in link in bio ♥️ #SerenaWilliams #GOAT #GlobalFashion #GlobalFashionMonth #BrownSkinGirl Universe #LifeChanger #SuccessStory #BlackGirlDontCrack #JaneMichael

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Reacting to the cover, an excited Jane Ekanem, on Instagram @janemichaelekanem appreciated Serena for rocking the designs.