Meet Psycho Moustache – Moroccan Photographer

Hamza Lafrouji is also called Psycho Moustache, and he’s created his brand to reflect this.

This Moroccan photographer was born and raised in the popular streets of Casablanca.

Talking about himself he says: “I believe that I was destined to hold a camera. It’s something I’ve inherited from my uncle and before I knew it I’ve realized that photography is my true passion, not to mention that I grew up in Sidi Moumen and Derb Sultan which also passionate me to take shots of the streets simple reality and the innocence of people’s faces. I’ve launched my career as a street photographer then I’ve begun to shoot a portrait of strangers. I’ve started noticing that people at the time were so afraid of the camera so I’ve decided to stop taking the risk and I’ve begun working with models. The sound that the camera makes after snapping a picture it what keeps moving forward with my journey of photography and now I’m a street fashion photographer and an artist who adds his Moroccan touch to the frozen moments he takes with his own lenses. I’m thrilled to have a passion that I can turn into a job that allows me to explore my creativity.