Lady Gaga Appears Thrice A Day In Different Looks

Gaga appeared on Thursday morning in white vintage dress with black clutch  accessories, high heels, and retro sunglasses. She topped the look off with a beehive, because Gaga doesn’t do anything halfway. This look was, as reported for an appointment at a recording studio in the classic ensemble.

Her afternoon look was a yellow and grey tweed suit with a matching mid-length skirt and jacket. Lady Gaga kept her accessories the same, sticking with her black clutch, heels, and sunglasses. And, yes, she also kept the beehive.

And for the night, Gaga still kept the beehive and swapped everything else for a sexy red-and-black look. Her short red dress featured an elaborate tulle back that gave off major showgirl vibes. She paired the look with black, elbow-length gloves, black sunglasses, a sparkly black bag, black fishnet stockings, and black heels (although a different pair than she wore during the day). She was also dripping with diamonds, with huge earrings, a statement necklace, and bracelets on each wrist.