Kenny Okorie the Itsekiri born beauty is on a mission and has followed her her dream of carving a niche for herself in the fashion industry.A graduate of Public Administration and a diploma in french Kennybrings unimaginary things to reality and she said for her,it is the expression of her individuality.
However,she said that to work with a fabric,first she looks at the fabric,then she sketches what she has in mind and then off to the factory to cut and the rest they say is history.Kenny has been into designing since 15th of may 2008 and gets her fabrics locally and in the international market.
Ask why she pays models top money,she says we need to celebrate them.
Asked what her favourite fabric to work with and she said silk because it is comfortable,flexible smart and suit all body shapes.She also purple,lilacand burgundy are her favourite colours to work with.
Moreover,the fashion capital of Nigeria took notice recently after her command performance at her Keto Couture True Star launch which was attended by top fashionistas and saw top models from the ISIS stable.She has been nominated as best designer for 2012 for ELOY award known as one of the best awards in Nigeria and is the only Abuja based designer in this major category.

She will be presenting her vibrant collection at this year’s Nigeria’s Next Super Model.At the Africa Fashion Week London in August, Linda Ikeja on the front row seat took notice and i quote “KETO COUTURE is for a mature audience” no wonder the very next day the Nigerian embassy hosted her at the embassy and she again,presented yet another collection for the diplomatic corp.KETO is on the rise and the world is waiting.She is expected back from paris where she is attending the ethical fashion show and by spetember 23rd she will be off again to DC the OBAMA country for the DC fashion week.We from Fashion Net Work Africa are always ready to bring you the images from all her shows.We are looking forward to the Eloy award and the ftv fashion event where she will be presenting her new collection for 2013.