Getting through Covid-19 in style with Stylish Facemasks

Facemasks are becoming fashionable due to the extended coronavirus epidemic

Who would’ve known that 2020 will get us walking the streets in appearances like a Ninja. It is almost getting weird seeing someone walking on the streets without a facemask on. Fashionistas have decided to rock the “modern day corona” in style with stylish facemasks in different forms, mostly matching the remaining outfit on the body.

Since January 2020 when the coronavirus outbreak happened in the world, movements and public gatherings have been reduced and then restricted. But for the purpose of various national economy, this measure is being nullified thereby leaving the individual protection in the hands of individuals. And one of the best known measures in preventing the spread of this virus is facemasks.

First started as medical/surgical facemasks, the fashion world thinks it’ll be odd for everyone walking on the streets looking like a surgeon…hence the invention of stylish facemasks. Various world renowned fashion designers have contributed to the production of stylish facemasks, and other designers are coming up with their own designs and concepts, all performing the same funtion… to prevent the virus from being inhaled into the body through the respiratory organs which are the researched target for the virus.

“Everyone is on it right now including designers. It is a necessary fashion statement right now,” says Angel Obasi who runs the Instagram account Styleconnaisseur.