“Black Lives Matter” is a message, not a war

Personal thoughts on the black lives matter movement

What do you think the messages on the streets of U.S and in some other countries in the world mean? I’m going to be discussing a few thoughts on the subject matter.

Over the past few weeks since the death of the black man pinned under a white man’s knee for over five minutes which is a period long enough to suffocate the life out of any living thing whether human or animal, the world have been under a serious instability… coupled with the ongoing battle with the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve come to know and understand that firstly, the coronavirus was not as lethal and extremely contagious as it was advertised. There’s no denying the fact that it is a deadly and contagious disease, but there was politics played alongside while conveying the message to the world… and yes we all know politics is a dirty game, so you get the idea. But that’s not what I want to discuss today.

Personally I think some people are taking advantage of the protests and movements to steal and destroy valuable properties which I know is very very unreasonable. Why destroy things while telling people to stop destroying things? However, I think the world is doing a good job passing the message across, still I frown at the looting. There are over 20 million #blacklivesmatter hastags on instagram so it’s sure the message is spreading and necessary people are seeing the concerns.


We need to be guided right while at it. Here are some posts I think passed the right message across peacefully.

This post below is not necessary I think, it might be the cause for the uproars and attacks

I stand with the black, I am black and proud. We should all stand together but should not fight. I’m sure the government is as concerned as we are and wouldn’t want George Floyd issue happen. It is understandable that there have been several cases of racism between the whites and the blacks, yet honestly I see no reason why there should be. We have the color of skin because of the side of the planet we were born, not everyone can be born on the cooler side of the planet and not everyone can be born on the hotter side. But this should not be the reason why we should demonise each other. Watch the video below and let the feeling well up inside you to love unconditionally.