Childhood Photos of Models and Famous Celebrities

Have you ever wondered what models like the famous Doutzen Kroes, Kate Moss and Nancy Halsema (you probably know the last one from Holland’s Next Topmodel 2011) looked like when they were young? In that case, you should definitely check out the following photos:)! Back then, they already had their beautiful faces, don’t you think? 

The presentator of ANTM + famous model Tyra Banks in her childhood:

Seek the differences!

The glorious model Kate Moss in her childhood:

Would you recognize her on the left picture?

The popular model Agyness Deyn in her childhood:

What a sweety!
The famous model Doutzen Kroes in her childhood:

Already gorgeous when she was young!

Recent photo of Doutzen Kroes

The stunning model Nancy Halsema in her childhood:

P.S. The girl on the right is Nancy!

Recent photo of Nancy (right), together with her HNTM colleague Elise Winklaar (left)

The gorgeous model Martijn Stoffers in his childhood:

Martijn (left) with his little (and cute!) brother Ken (right), who is a model too!

Brother love, so sweet!!
Recent photo of the brothers (left: Ken, right: Martijn)

The beautiful model sisters Mylene and Georgina Kooij in their childhood:
Birthday girl Mylene

Mylene with her other sister, Juliette

The little Georgina

Birthday girl Georgina

Recent photo of Georgina (left) and Mylene (right)

The handsome model Milou Gort in her childhood:
What a sweet girl!

Recent photo of Milou (not changed a bit!)

The lovely model Juliette Propsma in her childhood:

What a handsome Santa 

Recent photo of Juliette

The good-looking Charlotte Starren in her childhood:

So cute!
Recent photo of Charlotte

The wonderful model Nin de Graaff in her childhood:
Recent photo of Nin
Which childhood photo do you like most?