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I once read online that looking for love on the internet is like looking for money on a busy road. You’re most likely not going to find anything on the road as it is not a place for money finders.

Even though this might seem true up to an extent, but there’s still a huge possibility that true love can be found online, the virtual world, on the internet, any other place aside face to face.

There have been several interesting stories of people who found their life partners on the internet, got married, grew old together and are still married. And it doesn’t really have to be just love search online, there are others who met online, either dating sites or social medias and became lifelong friends and impact each other’s lives in such a way they wouldn’t forget it ever.

Howbeit, there are pros and cons of depending on finding love online and it is always advisable to proceed with caution. Never apply too much trust until you have to, and be at alert, but at the same time keep an open mind and a free spirit… the person you may eventually find may be of the same spirit as you.

So after all is said, I did a research online and found out that most dating websites in Nigeria have crashed or barely functioning. Why? No one seems to know. But there’s this one which will always remain, and that is AJU Love Connection.

About AJU Love Connection

AJU Love Connection is a global dating community that is poised with the mandate of helping people to find their love partners online. Our platform is consists of different type of people from all walks of life, we can help you find our perfect match or you do it yourself.

A lot of professionals are lonely and searching for partners but the weight of responsibilities hardly allow them enough time to date. AJU Love Connection has been established to revolutionize the way Nigerian, African and indeed global singles meet.

For many professionals in Nigeria, a successful dating life can be difficult to attain due to the circumstances that come with a demanding career. It can be hard to find the time to date and meet new people with demanding hours and busy schedules that is designed to serve the modern-day Nigerian professional’s dating needs. Not only will AJU Love Connection serve professionals in Nigeria, but it is also aimed to help Africans in diaspora spice up their dating life. Africans in diaspora will be able to interact and communicate with professionals who are still living in Africa. AJU Love Connection is designed to cater to professional adults from all backgrounds that have been down on their luck when finding the love of their life.

To facilitate an easy dating experience, ALC has FOUR main platforms:

Face-to-face dating events:  where participants will get a chance every quarter, to mix and mingle with singles in their area. “In one dating event, you will have access to a number of qualified professionals like yourself who may be your potential life partner. It’s a dream come true for today’s professionals.” These events, help participants form an opinion based on first hand face to face meeting. One of the major ways to attract people who are genuinely interested in the real you is to present your real self to your prospective dates. This is a very exciting and quick way of dating because it is fast tracked and immediate and encouraging. The challenges of dating are overcome because the live event affords you the chance to meet people who are also looking for dates, but instead of learning everything about them up front, you have a conversation with them while you apply all your senses to discern faster.

  • Online dating allows the user to meet singles at the click of a button globally.
  • Relationship/ family counseling is by professionals with degrees in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, Dispute resolution, and Arbitration. Ambassador of Peace Mary-Jane AJU Elumelu-James also holds a post graduate degree in Peace Studies and conflict resolution.
  • Private Consultation is where the client elects to be matched by the match maker. This is a highly confidential way of matching.

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