Nigerian NGO (APON) partners with Open Wing Alliance over birds welfare

On the 20th of May, 2021, APON – Animal Protection Organisation of Nigeria join over 80 member organisations of the Open Wing Alliance to campaign globally against YUM! Brands, the franchise owners of KFC, Habbit Burger, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.

“YUM Brands has refused OWA’s pleas to adopt cage- free policy in its egg supply chain after several years of dialogue in corporate meetings.” claimed the president of the NGO – Animal Protection Organisation of Nigeria, Joseph Odika.

With several restaurant chain in spread across the world, Yum! Brands controls over 56% market share worldwide. In Africa, it controls over 60% market share with Nigeria owing about 23% of the entire value. With this outstanding value chain, it becomes imperative to inquire into YUM! Brands commitment to responsible sourcing standards. Unfortunately, this is lacking.

Joseph concluded, “It is obvious that Yum! Brands is profiting from chicken cruelty, this is the reason a global campaign action was taken against them. APON played a major role in accomplishing the global campaign and the footprints of that hallmark will remain in the history of animal advocacy in Nigeria and the rest of the world.”